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Yesterday I worked from 9.30am until 8.30pm. Today I worked from 9.30am until 6pm. Tomorrow I am supposed to be working from 9.30am until 8 again, and Thursday and Friday are supposed to be 9.30am-9pm, followed by 11.30am to 7pm on Saturday and 10.30am 'til dunno on Sunday. Hrm. Before anyone says "that's not THAT bad", remember that I am someone who works part time for health reasons. I can't manage 8 hour workdays normally, let alone 9, 10 and 12 hours - that start at 9am! Unsurprisingly I am exhausted and brain-dead and having pain.

Am entirely out of spoons, and can't even find the one I keep stashed down the back of the sofa for emergencies.

I don't actually feel that bad </i>right now</i> - the main thing is I'm absolutely freezing and can't get warm no matter what. I have the laptop on my lap and it's slowly cooking the part of me that's in contact with it, but the heat won't conduct to any of the other parts. Huh.

I just hope I can get to sleep before 3am tonight, or I will be beyond dead tomorrow. It will be true morning of the living dead 1950s style zombie horror flick...

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