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excessively boring life update

Work schedule looking a bit saner. Only worked 9.30am-6pm today, because someone cancelled. She was all concerned and wanted to pay me for cancelling the lesson - I said "actually, I'm really tired so you're doing me a favour", she said "but still...". I think we've agreed that she should pay me half the fee. I'll just give it to charity, or one of my broke friends... I really can't take money for nothing - let alone money for sitting at home playing Pokemon!

Tomorrow also an improvement - 11.30am to 9pm, with a 2 1/2 hour gap in the middle. Hooray.

But you know I said last night "I just hope I can get to sleep before 3am tonight"? Still awake at 4.20am :/ Had been tired the whole day - but spent so long fighting sleepiness that come a sensible time to start going to bed (any time after 9pm), I just couldn't shut down enough to get sleepy :/ Damn my total intolerance to caffeine - at least if I could drink caffeine I could actually stop drinking it sometime before I wanted to sleep. As it is, running off my own b0rken biochemistry with no possible external stimulants, I've learnt to fight sleepiness by producing adrenaline - and you try consiously stopping production of adrenaline :/ Meh.

I have Pokemon DVDs :) 25 episodes :) Don't expect to see me for a few days ;)

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