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state of the h-l

Now I've seen it all: furrychristians.

I think my brain just broke.

In other news, the current state of the h-l is mixed. I am very much appreciating the current weather (warm, breezy, sunny)... can't believe 2 weeks ago it was snowing enough that as I walked 5 minutes down the street in a black coat I first of all looked like a reverse dalmatian, with white spots on black, then like a walking snowman. Fine weather with lots of sun means significantly less SAD and higher energy levels. But, to go with the nicer weather is pollen and pollution, so I'm very asthmatic and allergic, and clearly need more asthma drugs because the current lot aren't keeping it controlled (joy). And the scoliosis in my spine keeps playing up, so I am randomly staggering round the place with back pain or spending evenings lying down.

I need a :rolleyes: smiley here like web forums have.

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