helen-louise (baratron) wrote,

Hail Seitan!

Yesterday's meals:
Breakfast - bacon roll
Dinner - roast beef with roast potatoes, peas, carrots & sweetcorn.

For anyone currently going WTF? I will point out that the "bacon" was in fact vegetarian streaky-style rashers, and the "roast beef" was a cheatin' meat-free roast beef. Both by the Redwood Wholefood Company, aka those people who make edible vegan cheese. The "bacon" is a very good impression of bacon - right flavour and texture, and when you fry it the fatty edge even goes crispy. The "roast beef" is less authentic, but that's good in my book as I don't actually like fake meat to be flavoured too realisticly (it triggers my "this is not food" reflex). All in all, I'm thinking I need to start buying shares in Redwood, or something. Everything they do, btw, is 100% vegan.

Oh yeah, I'll warn you now - if you order the "bacon" make sure you get the streaky-style rashers not the Tempeh rashers, as the former look like bacon while the latter look like a bunch of beans mashed together and dyed red. They made me feel itchy just looking at them... I certainly didn't get as far as eating them! But apparently they were the first ever vegan fake meat, so I guess they appeal to the stuffed cabbage leaves type of vegetarian as opposed to the Linda McCartney sausage type.

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