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mmm, delicious Easter egg... *gobble, gobble*

I'm in a very strange mood. Can't work out if I'm happy or sad, motivated or unmotivated, excited or apathetic. I'm excited about lots of potential things I want to do, but not sure if I have the energy to actually do any of them, if that makes sense.

It's so rare that I actually get a whole day off that I'm not sure what to do with it. The other problem is that everything I want to do involves me having a functioning back, and I'm not sure whether that'll be the case come tomorrow. I want to go to Thorpe Park, but that involves a) a train to the arse-end of nowhere (a.k.a. Staines) plus the Thorpe Park Happy Fun Bus from the town centre to the theme park (which comes once an hour on bank holidays, we discovered last year). Also, it is absolutely obligatory for my back to be feeling good for me to be able to stand around in queues for hours on end. (And yeah, I do realise that every rollercoaster in the whole world ever says you shouldn't go on it if you have a bad back. But I'm a coaster-riding expert & know exactly how to brace myself to avoid shocks. So :p ). The other thing I thought of was Coral Reef, but it's in another arse end of nowhere (aka Bracknell) and not really possible to get to without a car, and involves exposing me to high levels of chlorinated water, and the world to Richard's knees. Things to do at home include painting, wrecking the decking in the back garden, and removing large chunks of rubble from our garden. But we can't actually be arsed to do any of those.

Ah well. I'll spend tonight playing Pokemon Colosseum and swearing at it (it cheats, y'know), and see how I feel in the morning. Which'll come too early because of the clock change - whose stupid idea is that, anyway?!

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