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on lacking the mutation that allows an adult mammal to digest milk...

Weekend was mixed. It should have been fun - otterylexa came over, which meant (among other things) that we had transport to Coral Reef. So the three of us went swimming and watersliding and it was fun (and involved exercise!). Then we ate food, and my burger had some cheese in it, but not very much. So I ate it anyway. This turned out to be a huge mistake. An evening of profound pain (~4 hours worth) with nausea, farting and diarrhoea ensued, followed by violent vomiting at 1.30am. Eurgh.

So, although my problem is an intolerance rather than an immune system response, I need to act as though I'm severely allergic to dairy and completely avoid the stuff :( OK, it probably won't kill me - but if a tiny amount of cheese can make me that ill, it's not worth it. And if I'm eating at home, I have a fridge/freezer full of alternatives to dairy that I can eat anyway. It's just going out that's a problem - especially if I want to go out with friends who don't like either a) Chinese/Japanese food, or b) vegetarian food (not looking at any meepings in particular here, oh no). Waah.

I am feeling especially waah because in a Starbucks the other week one of the employees told me their chocolate syrup contains skimmed milk powder. Which explains why if I drink one of their hot chocolates (made with soya milk) on an empty stomach, I get ill. I'd just passed that off as "my gut objects to me drinking hot chocolate when it's hungry", but no. Buggery. I'm also quite pissed off because only 6 months ago I read on a vegan forum that "all of Starbucks' drinks except the cream base are vegan when made with soy milk". Apparently the chocolate syrup has not changed recently. So someone's been telling porky pies. A stiff letter to someone will follow as soon as I acquire sufficient tuits to do so. Bah.

Kinda glad the weather's gone crappy again, so I don't have vast quantities of people eating ice cream in public at me :/

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