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I've got no more patience

Photocopying is my Least Favourite Thing To Do In A Job Ever.

You think I'm joking? I'd rather clean toilets for a living than have to photocopy. (Seriously - as an adult helper on Brownie holidays I always volunteered to clean the bathrooms!). Unfortunately, toilet cleaning is not a big part of science teaching, while photocopying is.

It'd probably be better if I was teaching in a school with technicians or a photocopy room to help out (provided I knew what I wanted to teach a week in advance to get the order in - yeah right). As it is, quite a few of my students don't get given past exam papers from their schools, so ask me to get them. Rather than charging them £3.50 per paper for official originals, I just buy one original and photocopy 'em n times. Sadly, this necessitates dealing with photocopiers - which, as I've already mentioned, is my least favourite thing ever.

The problem with photocopiers is that it's never as simple as putting your document in, pressing "Copy" and getting a copy out. Sure, you can do that if you only need one copy of a very short document. But if you need like 18 exam papers copied for 6 students, you're looking at needing the sheet feeder and/or reduction from A3 to A4 and/or double-sided - and if at all possible, collation to be done by the photocopier itself rather than by the teacher herself. Each extra function increases the probability of the photocopier eating one or more pages (it's merely annoying if it eats new paper - but it's completely exasperating if it decides to eat an original!). And, the probability of paper jamming and/or tearing, the paper feed mechanism going kaput and spraying springs all over the shop (literally), or the drum going nuts is directly proportional to the amount of time you've been photocopying for i.e. how hot the thing is.

All this is a long-winded way of saying I need to find the lever that sets thip, crinkle, and spoit to "no", and/or find myself a photocopying slave who's willing to work for 1p per copy on top of the standard 3-7p per sheet charged by self-service newsagents & corner shops. (I can't, or rather some of my students can't, afford the 12-14p per copy charged by proper photocopying shops).

I realised I had to stop trying to photocopy today after 227 sheets, when the photocopier was starting to go through the alphabet of places where it had paper jams (it had misfeeds at A, B, C and D before I quit), my hands were shaking and pins & needly, my feet were freezing, my vision was starting to blur, I had ringing in my ears and my heart was thumping. I cannot believe that something so "simple" as photocopying could make me produce enough adrenaline and hyperventilate enough to get that ill.


Oh yeah, and I've still got all the Unit 5s to do :(

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