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It's been a weird couple of days. Time seems to have been going very quickly without very much happening. I can't believe it's actually Thursday morning now - it feels like maybe Tuesday night? I suppose this is what happens when you keep odd hours. I managed to completely exhaust myself last Wednesday, so I slept all day on Thursday and got up in the evening to go out with Marcus and Richard, sat up all of Thursday night screaming in frustration at the computer, spent Friday in bed with a migraine (caused by the aforementioned computer stress), sat up all night because obviously I couldn't sleep, slept all day on Saturday... and decided to break the cycle on Sunday by staying up during the daytime even though I was very tired. Ugh.

So I got Richard out of bed at 11am on Sunday and we went out to find breakfast. It actually took us about an hour to find a cafe that would do a vegetarian breakfast, but when we did it was pretty good. I rang Peter and was told that he and Tim were sitting in Tim's sister's back garden, having arrived at her house to discover that she was out. (I was a bit worried that her neighbours might call the police to report that some strange people had broken into their garden, but apparently this didn't happen.) As Tim's sister's house is many miles away from both Tim and Peter's house and our flat, it looked unlikely that they would be coming round to play in the evening. So Richard and I wandered around the shops and bought clothes (in my case, 2 t-shirts, both good-quality, at 25% of their original price. Nice). Then we went to Namco to play Ez2Dancer again. We'd thought about dropping in on Marcus and Cath on the way home, but I was far too tired, so we went straight back and I went more-or-less straight to bed.

As a result of that early night, I woke up at 9.30am on Monday, and got up to get as much useful stuff done as possible. It was absolutely baking hot here, so I walked around the flat with as few clothes as possible on, then had a shower and washed my hair. During the shower, my mother arrived, wanting me to do various things for her online. I should have gone to bed at about 11.30pm. However, the stuff she wanted doing took so long that I was still up at 3am, by which time I was so over-tired that I was completely awake again. So I stayed up to write email to various people, and went to bed at about 8am on Tuesday morning.

As a result of that late night, Tuesday didn't really happen. I slept until the phone rang, then got up and was not with it for a while, eventually developing another migraine - this one of the "sharp pain behind my left eye" type. It hurt too much to have my eye open, and I couldn't use the computer easily with one hand over my eye, so I just gave up and went to bed.

And got up again on Wednesday afternoon, wandered round the shops a bit, and went out to see "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within", which was truly excellent.

I feel that all I've done in the past couple of days is make up my newest music compilation - two CDs full of really great stuff. (Well, at the moment it's two minidiscs... but when Richard takes his minidisc player into work it'll get burned onto CDs). I'm very pleased with it, and I'm listening to it now. But in theory I should be able to get more done in... 5 days? than just make up 2 CDs and write a few emails. (I've not even been reading or posting news, or writing much in Livejournal). It's a bit crap, really. What's wrong with me that I get so little done?

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