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pogonophilia and other hair

One of the local free papers is having a competition for "Kingston's Best Beard". On the basis that Richard is both beardy and a Kingston resident, it's obvious that he needs to be entered in this. So I am trying to write the nomination for him, and squash it into a teeny little web box. So far the best I've come up with is:

I would like to nominate Richard because he has been a consistent beard-wearer for 10 years - quite impressive as he's only 28. His beard is a sign of his profession (computer guru) and his attitude (fluffy teddy bear).

I don't think they need to know that I think he is a beautiful beardy creature, or that he is an Ewok. Some people are prejudiced against ewoks, after all. It might be relevant that his dad is also beardy, but he can tell them that in the interview, can't he? He can also tell them in the interview about all his geeky activities that require his beard as a repository for knowledge.

Richard's beard - and me with excessively short hair

While I'm posting that picture I might as well post photos of me with long hair and short hair. My hair is currently somewhere between these two photos, and I'm trying to decide what to do with it. I don't want to leave it long, because it's hanging in my face and getting caught in my armpits and being itchy down my back, and no end of other things that annoy me, but I can't decide whether to get it cut "short" or "excessively short".

What should I do with my hair?

Leave it as it is.
Cut it to shoulder length.
Cut it really short.
Cut it short and spiky.
Shave it all off.
I really don't care, it's YOUR hair!

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