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I feel like ick. Migraine-y thing today. Cancelled some of my lessons and went back to bed.

Lay in bed for several hours doing that thing where you turn over every so often to look at the clock, and see it's 50 minutes later than the last time you looked - but you're sure it's only been 10 minutes, and you're also sure you haven't been asleep because you don't remember falling asleep and waking up again. It's a very odd experience, and not very helpful, because you lose hours of time but don't actually feel any better. So I was wondering what happens. Do you:
a) lie there awake but with thoughts gradually sl..ow...i...n.....g down, so it feels like it was 10 minutes because that's the amount of thinking you normally do in 10 minutes?
b) fall into a very shallow stage of sleep, where you're not dreaming and haven't really started resting yet, so you don't realise you were asleep when you wake up?

Did eventually fall asleep "properly", and the only problem with that is that I slept deeply for about an hour, which meant my alarm went off when I was having very loud vivid dreams, which makes it almost impossible to wake up. Got up because I had a student I couldn't cancel (someone whose special needs mean he has to have a lesson every couple of weeks, or he forgets all the basics and you have to start over from scratch), and because if I carried on sleeping there's no way I'd get any sleep tonight (I'd wake up at like 3 or 4am and be WIDE AWAKE, and then feel like crap by 11am when I have to work). Staggered around like a zombie for a bit, but actually managed to get on the bus and get there almost on time. Am fairly impressed with myself for managing to achieve that.

Now need to stop looking at this screen, and get an early night.
Tags: dreams, sleep disorders

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