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Do I want a Nintendo DS? You bet! As someone who routinely has 3 different games consoles under the telly, who is frequently The Only Adult Ever to be seen playing a Game Boy on the bus, and who owns every single one of the current generation of Pokemon games, it's pretty much inevitable that I would want a DS. It's a new toy for game geeks... of course I want one! But for the past 2 months I've been growling at anyone who dared ask if I was buying one. For two reasons:

#1 I decided I should pay off my credit card bill before making any more frivolous purchases. 'Cos £15 a month in interest adds up - and I meant to clear my credit card balance when I got back from the US, but Stuff & Things (i.e. non-frivolous purchases) stopped me being able to. And the problem is, having made a moral resolution like that, I couldn't really break it without looking really stupid.

#2 The DS has only been released in yucky silver here. Bah.

Anyway. When I get paid next week, I'll be able to pay off my credit card. (For now - I'm in no doubt that it'll rack up again pretty quickly). Although black and white DSes are already out in Japan, with pastel pink and cool turquoise following next week, there's no indication from Nintendo when any of the other colours will come out even in North America, let alone in Europe, well-known as the "third world of Nintendo". (It takes maybe 6-12 months after the original Japanese release for games to be translated into English and released in NorAm. But then, it takes a further 6-12 months, or longer, for a game to come out in Europe. Some games and peripherals never even make it). I don't really want a silver DS, even though I could get really cool stickers to customise it with.

So I've caved in. And ordered the PokePark limited edition blue/purple DS from Lik-Sang. Yes, I am a tart. And I'll probably have to chain it to my house or something, because I'd be devastated if it got stolen (Can't UV mark it, as that'll lower its value!), and buy another one for travelling. But still.

Now I just have to wait until May 1st when it's released, wait a few more days for the courier to bring it, and see how many hundreds of pounds I'll have to pay in Customs fees. Blah.

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