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last-night report

I am tired and hungry and bad-tempered.

Richard & I stayed up all night watching the election. First we went to the Lib Dem party, where I ingratiated myself with our prospective MP by turning up with a large saucepan full of still-hot tomato rice, a couple of trays of still-warm sausage rolls, and a large box of home-made chocolate cornflake cakes. I'd correctly predicted that the "Please bring a plate of food, if possible" request on the invite meant that no one was doing formal catering, and that people who had been working on the election all day probably wouldn't have had time to eat properly. To be honest, I would have made more (certainly flapjacks as well) had I been correct in my belief that I only had two students all day - turned out I had an extra one that necessitated me running over to Hampton and back in the middle of the bloody rush hour (there's nothing quite like spending 35 minutes on a hot bus to do a journey that normally takes 10 minutes :/ ). Ah well.

Just to add excitement to the proceedings, the nice widescreen TV we were watching the BBC election programme on fizzled and died at 11pm. Richard diagnosed that one of the circuit boards inside had come loose, but there was nothing to be done about it without a soldering iron. So we ended up peering at an old 20" 4:3 television with bad sound. Mmmm. Never mind.

So we waited... and waited. And a few results started trickling in around 11ish. For some reason, although the result for Kingston & Surbiton (our next-door constituency) came in at about 12.30am, Richmond Park took forever. Around 1am, Susan said "well, I haven't heard anything yet, but I suppose I should go to the count...". And lots of people hugged her (apparently, the difference between the Lib Dems and the Tories is that the former hug each other while the latter merely shake hands. I think I know which I prefer). And so she went off to the count. And we waited... and waited. Every so often the phone rang to tell us "no, they're still not done". Eurgh. Eventually, the result came at around 3.30am - "4000 majority!".

Richard & I were too tired and me too back-achy to stay sitting in a plastic chair in a cold hall any longer, but we went home and finished watching the election there. The good thing was our new Myth TV box was recording all of it, so when we got in we rewound it to the last thing we'd seen, and then watched it on x 1.3 speed so that we could catch up. Some bits were so utterly preposterous we ended up rewinding and watching them again! I'm going to transcribe (in a bit) some of the true classics just to amuse you.

Richard was supposed to be going to bed, but he kept coming in to watch more of the election until I made him go to bed. I stayed up until 6.30am, and got up today at 2.30pm. Hooray for lack-of-morning-working!

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