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tonight's dinner.

I am a big fan of Linda McCartney's vegetarian sausages. About a year ago, the nice people who own Linda McCartney's branding started making a frozen toad-in-the-hole, which was truly yummy. I bought lots of them and fed them to my friends, and even the most carnivorous of people agreed that they were very nice.

Unfortunately, in the past couple of months, proper Linda McCartney toads have been getting hard to find. Several of the supermarket chains here have started making their own with other types of veggie sausages. Some of these sausages taste too much like meat, some are far too greasy, and some sit at the bottom of my stomach like lead and give me indigestion for the next day. None of them are anywhere near as nice as the Linda McCartney ones.

Today I had a terrible craving for toad, and I knew I wouldn't be able to find one without some serious hunting, which I couldn't really be bothered to do. So I did something really radical. I decided to make one myself!

h-l's toad-in-the-hole
adapted from a recipe found on the internet

Serves 2 hungry, or 3 not-so-hungry humans.

5 Linda McCartney sausages (frozen).
1/2 pint (10 fl.oz) of full-cream milk
4oz plain flour
1 medium free-range egg
a little salt
a little vegetable oil

Other requirements:
A medium-size roasting tin (we used a circular one with an internal diameter of 19cm, though a square one is better).
An oven.
A large glass mixing bowl, a sieve for the flour, and a whisk to make the batter with.

How to do it:
Blend together the milk, flour, eggs and salt to make a batter. Let this stand for at least half an hour.

Then heat the oven to 220 degrees C (425 degrees F, gas mark 8). Grease the roasting tin with vegetable oil. Lay the sausages in it. They cook best from frozen. Put them in the oven for about 5 minutes.

When the fat in the tin is very hot, remove the tin from the oven and pour the batter BETWEEN the sausages, taking care not to cover them completely. Return the tin to the top shelf of the oven and cook for a further 20 to 40 minutes (this will depend on the depth of the batter in your tin), until the batter is risen and deep golden-brown on top and is beginning to shrink from the sides of the tin.

Serve with potatoes and vegetables. To make it traditionally British, have mashed potatoes, peas and onion gravy, or baked beans.

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