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le meep

I feel like ick. Am tired and paranoid and feeling entirely unable to cope. (As opposed to actually being entirely unable to cope - I think you probably understand the difference). Fortunately, several other body symptoms are adding up to make me realise I'm "just" premenstrual, and the date confirms this. Hooray.

Things are not helped by the fact I woke up this morning to the smell of delicious hot bread - our shiny new breadmaker has a timer function, which lets you put together the mixture and leave it overnight, and it starts itself going at yuck o'clock so that the bread is fresh and warm for you at the time you need to get up. However, I was clearly not very with it when I put the mix together last night, as I managed to give it the right quantities of everything except the flour, which only got 200g instead of 400g. Thus, while the whole house smelt of delicious fresh bread, there was no delicious fresh bread to be had - only a soggy mess of burnt dough which I couldn't even consider eating. So I've had to wash everything out and do a new mix of the right quantities, which also means waiting several hours for the new bread to bake while I'm already awake and hungry. Eurgh.

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