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I am going to the cinema tomorrow with hatter and bfo and pir. I hope to have had a shower by then.

(I currently cannot shower because we are having drain "issues" again. As the last guy who came round was dodgy as hell and the agency he works for wouldn't take seriously our request to send us the nice plumbers instead, we've given up on them and gone back to the telephone directory. Richard decided on Saturday that The Way Forward was to go for a drain company that advertises in the Phone Book rather than the Yellow Pages (as all the ones in the Yellow Pages seem to be called things like ............0000000000000000000000000000aaaaaaaaaaaaa..... UltraSuperDrainRodMegaCleaner). There were only 3 companies in our local Phone Book - one of them had a non-local number, one of them had their phone "temporarily out of service", according to the automated BT announcement, and the third one is supposed to be coming tomorrow to unblock the drain again and attempt to diagnose what the problem actually is. I am hoping that he is more competent than the last drain guy, who frankly, we didn't trust to tell us the sky was blue.)

Dear friends, if I stink tomorrow, please try to ignore it. You can just sit on the other side of the cinema, or something.
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