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Just FYI - I am mostly away from keyboard this week. In deepest Staffordshire until late on Wednesday, then we're off to Brussels until Sunday. Currently connected through GPRS on Richard's mobile phone, and it is S L O W. It's 43.something k, apparently, which is a luxury compared to the 14.4k that the old GSM "high speed" (HSCSD) used to be - and a complete and utter luxury compared to when we were young, and had to dialup at 3000 baud... or 300 baud... or had to whistle our own data tones down the phone - but unsurprisingly I have better things to do than sit here on the internet at the speed of a snail. Like rollercoasters, water parks and museums ;)

Be back for a bit on Wednesday evening, but just long enough to check mail and make sure no one's exploded. (Dear friends, please do not explode, love h-l x). If anyone would like a postcard from Brussels, please leave me your address in the handily screened bit at the bottom.

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