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roll call

People I know who are ok:a_musing_amazon, aca, adjectivemarcus, aegidian, ailbhe, otterylexa, alexmc, artremis, babysimon, barakta, barty, bfo, ceno, chrismoose, ciphergoth, damerell, djm4, elfgeek, fluffymormegil, gerwinium, hatter, hiddenpaw, jhaelan, johnckirk, judiff, karne_k, katyha, kixie, kyte, sashajwolf, lovingboth, mattp, meeping, meirion, mjl, nitoda, quiet000001, rowan_leigh, rjw1, t_bickle, taimatsu, talulablue, the_maenad, thekumquat, trishpiglet, wuluf, wuzzie
Still don't know for certain about hypermallard or inquis, but one of those is an estranged former friend, while the other was almost certainly nowhere near the explosions. Still be nice to know, though.

Poor gerwinium. It's his birthday today.
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