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to-do list

from before:
1. Teach stupid KS3 lesson at Churchill College with horrible children - made easier by the fact none of the horrible children showed up, only the nice ones
2. Do invoices for Churchill College
3. Attempt to
extract money from Churchill College (yeah, right)
4. Do commission form for Personal Tutors for June
5. Do commission forms for Top Tutors for April, May and June
6. Made chocolate ice cream
6. Richard's laundry
7. Downloaded stuff from eMusic with June's money

Still to do:
1. My laundry
2. Pay in birthday money
3. Write thank you letters to relatives about birthday presents
4. Write thank you letters to students about thank you presents
5. Order stuff from Montezuma's and Veganstore
6. Post remaining lj entries from holiday
7. Post remaining dino photos to plushtrip
8. Make more chocolate ice cream
9. Extract money from Churchill College
10. Call the Royal Society of Chemistry and actually pay my seriously overdue membership
11. Phone the Inland Revenue and/or Department of Social Security about paying National Insurance
12. Use the internet and/or phone to find a Japanese course for the summer
13. Download stuff from eMusic with July's money

Current Mood: getting organised... slowly...

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From: kshandra Date: 11th July 2005 05:25 (UTC) (Link)

I am officially Concerned.

The parcel tag I received in the mail was not attached to a Yowie. How was he packaged, exactly? (gridlore seems to be under the impression that, despite what your mum was apparently told, parcels aren't being let into the US without customs declarations these days....)

I will feel so horrid if he's gone missing on his trip.
baratron From: baratron Date: 11th July 2005 15:14 (UTC) (Link)

Re: I am officially Concerned.

He is wrapped in multiple layers of bubblewrap and then in multiple layers of brown paper. There is no letter enclosed, because I assumed the customs declaration on the front would explain all :X

I think my mum was told a load of baloney, to be honest. She was told he was too heavy to be sent as a Small Packet and would have to go as a Letter, but the maximum limit for Small Packets is 2kg. If she's right that she paid around £13 for the postage, the Small Packet cost would've been £7.26. So I'm officially pissed off about that.

Anyway, I wouldn't be worried yet. Airmail is supposed to take 4-10 days, which means working days, which means it's pointless getting worried before Wednesday. As there is a valid return address on the parcel, in the worst case they'd send it back to me, or contact me, or something.
From: inkyann Date: 11th July 2005 22:57 (UTC) (Link)
Not sure how you do invoices, but I assume you do use the Late Payment of commercial Debts act to hassle them along? Let me know if you need details, I can email you through the standard invoice wordings, late payment letters, fees and interest rates we use at work. It's significantly reduced the bad debtors we deal with at work!

PS: Assuming the choccies turned up for your birthday, please don't worry about a thank you letter, simply enjoy them :) Life's too short to be writing letters.
baratron From: baratron Date: 13th July 2005 22:00 (UTC) (Link)
Hmmm, well - I'd never heard of it before, but I just googled it. The wording of it refers to "all businesses and the public sector". The question is really whether I count as "a business" under the Act. This information is somewhat harder to find, as the users' guides to the law assume that you already know if you're a business or not. I suspect it probably doesn't apply, because I'm self-employed with no other employees, have no trading name, and don't sell tangible goods. But I've asked my usual source of free legal advice to find out for me.

Chocolates? What chocolates? I know nothing about any chocolates! Especially not ones that arrived when I was running out and hadn't got round to buying more yet... er... oops. No, seriously, I've never had a problem with Montezuma's sending stuff out - they're pretty reliable. The only problem I've had was when I ordered an enormous amount for Christmas presents and they sent it in two parcels, and Citylink for some reason only delivered one of them. Even then, the other one did turn up eventually. And I think I've got Citylink sorted now. We order so much stuff by mail order (e.g. strange lumps of metal purchased from eBay) that most of the couriers who come round here know us. How embarrassing.
allowyourface From: allowyourface Date: 12th July 2005 22:22 (UTC) (Link)
Hello Helen-Louise, I came across your profile in the uk_vegan community.
I added you as a friend, hope thats cool with you? =)
Gian xx
baratron From: baratron Date: 13th July 2005 22:04 (UTC) (Link)
Sure... um, I dunno if we have anything in common besides veganism and living in London, but anyone's free to read my public posts, that's why they're public :) My friends list policy is that it's my trusted people list, so I only add people that I trust implicitly, generally people I've spent a lot of time with in real life or have known online for a number of years. But you're welcome to add me, if you think I'm interesting (heh).
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