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to-do list

from before:
1. Teach stupid KS3 lesson at Churchill College with horrible children - made easier by the fact none of the horrible children showed up, only the nice ones
2. Do invoices for Churchill College
3. Attempt to
extract money from Churchill College (yeah, right)
4. Do commission form for Personal Tutors for June
5. Do commission forms for Top Tutors for April, May and June
6. Made chocolate ice cream
6. Richard's laundry
7. Downloaded stuff from eMusic with June's money

Still to do:
1. My laundry
2. Pay in birthday money
3. Write thank you letters to relatives about birthday presents
4. Write thank you letters to students about thank you presents
5. Order stuff from Montezuma's and Veganstore
6. Post remaining lj entries from holiday
7. Post remaining dino photos to plushtrip
8. Make more chocolate ice cream
9. Extract money from Churchill College
10. Call the Royal Society of Chemistry and actually pay my seriously overdue membership
11. Phone the Inland Revenue and/or Department of Social Security about paying National Insurance
12. Use the internet and/or phone to find a Japanese course for the summer
13. Download stuff from eMusic with July's money

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