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officially brain dead

Today I have been completely out of it. It's not really surprising that I'm sleepy - a) my immune system needs to fight this infection, and b) I'm barely able to eat, so I'm not getting enough energy that way. Nonetheless, I don't like having a brain this full of treacle. The last time I was sleeping for 14 hours a day was when I was very depressed, and it scares me for that reason.

If anyone has any recommendations for foodstuffs that are high carbohydrate and very low fat, please tell them to me. So far I've got:

  • breakfast cereal w/soy milk - reasonable idea, easy to digest, but I'm getting bored with it.
  • plain boiled rice - extremely boring unless it's Japanese sticky rice.
  • plain boiled pasta - unbelievably boring without any not-butter or olive oil. And I fear tomato sauce after having thrown up ketchup.
  • edamame - yummy, but not that easy to digest. Not sure how low fat they are.
  • miso soup - the standard vegetarian alternative to chicken soup for sick people.
  • salad or raw fruit - bad idea, between the acid and the insoluble fibre and the not eating lots of soluble fibre to make up for it, my digestive system will get hurt. Might be ok with strawberries or something tomorrow.
  • rice pudding - yummy, but will involve copious effort - can't buy tinned soy milk rice pud.
  • jacket potato without anything on it - quite edible if we use the creamy potatoes that Sainsbury's have, they don't really NEED more than a very small amount of not-butter to taste good.
  • fruit sorbet - cooling in hot weather, but sugar is a laxative - the last thing I need with a totally upset digestive system.
  • chocolate soya mousse things - yummy, have them already (bulk-bought in Brussels), maybe a bit too high in fat though? (2.2% ... eh, that's probably ok)
  • very fresh bread made with the breadmaker - can eat this without needing to put anything on it, problem is putting the mix together is more effort than I can manage right now. Can get Richard to make some, maybe.

Tonight I am going to eat boiled rice with black bean sauce and hope it doesn't make me hideously ill. The antiemetics mean I can keep food down, but I still get nauseated very very easily.


Would it be cruel & unusual punishment to make Richard pick up my copy of HP6 tonight?

Yes, the boy hates crowds, and children, and crowds of children...
Yes - if you're too ill to even focus on a screen for a few minutes, you couldn't possibly read it anyway
Yes - Borders is doing a 20% off all books evening and that leads to credit card abuse
Well, it's no worse than making him watch you projectile vomit yesterday or have to hold your hand in the blood test
Well, you could ask, but he won't say no even if he doesn't want to, because he's like that
No, how could it be cruel to make him go to a _book_ shop?

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