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blinking through tears

I feel like crap on a stick. Either I have really bad hay fever, or I'm going down with a cold on top of the gall bladder infection. My eyes are itchy and full of tears, my nose is itchy and full of snot, and I'm sneezing approximately once every minute.

I blame the flowers my mum bought yesterday.

I don't actually like cut flowers - they are destined to die within a week, because they have been orphaned from their plant. I quite like plants. But being allergic to bloody everything, I try to limit sources of allergens within my own house. For instance, I mostly only buy food I can eat, because it's much easier to check the label in the shop than when at home with low blood sugar. Anything that Richard wants that I can't eat gets put in one particular cupboard that I know not to go foraging in when half-asleep. Plants are an enormous source of allergens - between pollen and scent and sap allergies, I wouldn't bring a plant into the house unless I knew I was ok with it. But if you're female, people will insist on giving you cut flowers. Why?!

I would take these up to the hospital and donate them for random cheering-up purposes, but that would mean having to breathe in their noxious itchy vapours for a whole 10 minutes of hell, and probably donations of flowers from strangers are banned for security or MRSA reasons nowadays. Bah.

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