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I'm in a weird mood - happy and depressed and slightly manic all at the same time. I have lots of enthusiasm for doing stuff, but none of it is the stuff I'm "supposed" to be doing... like painting and assembling furniture, and getting the broken double-glazing repaired, and organising someone to drill the lumpy render off the back of our house, and... I think I've pretty much decided that the only wooden floor I can be bothered trying to fit myself is in the bathroom, which has an uncovered floor area of something like 1.5m2. Professional floor-fitters (or at least, professional furniture movers) will have to deal with our bedroom. I hope Richard agrees with me, as he's paying for it :p

I want to go out on my trike, but I also want Richard to show me the cycle paths he found yesterday, and I won't have enough energy to go out now and again later. Bah.

I have lessons on "how to cycle on busy roads" starting on Friday. Amusingly, the instructor lives in the next road to me, one that I have wobbled down at least ten times. I almost told him to look out for me, except I thought that sounded weird.

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