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semi-clean house shocker!

Stuff is happening. I spent the whole day cleaning up the house and we now have a passably tidy bedroom. The hall, landing and bathroom are all ok too. Still got to do the front room, study and spare room, but that'll take another half-day and I've inhaled enough dust for now. Sitting down now to write this, I've suddenly remembered that someone suggested I should get dust masks from a DIY place and use them for cleaning - bit late to remember now, though :/ Ah well, I guess if I write it here, I might remember to get some...

I have also been doing some work on Super Sekrit Project #2. This will go further next week when I meet my teacher. That's all I'm saying for now.

Just thought I'd post something moderately cheery to say look, it's not all doom and angst on lj ;)
Tags: house, just another boring life update

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