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Timing Is Everything

Dear gall bladder,
I hate you.
Love h-l x.

Yeah, of all the nights to spend in A&E in agony, damn body had to pick a night when: 1) both my mum and my Lexa (the non-squeamish people in my life) are in different countries, 2) my Yowie (cuddly octopus) is away getting mended, and 3) our boiler is broken and we have no hot water in the house (to wash away the "lovely" hospital smell). Gah.

I didn't enjoy A&E. The problem I had was that although I was very ill and they wanted to keep me there, I wasn't ill enough to be a major concern. Of course, I don't resent doctors' & nurses' time being prioritised to the people who needed, say, rescusitation (especially at 5 in the morning when there probably aren't so many medical professionals around) - but it was awfully frustrating not knowing what was going on and just lying there in pain waiting and waiting for someone to get back to me. They'd say "oh, we'll give you 20 minutes for this drug to work" and then someone in dire need would get wheeled in and I wouldn't see anyone for another hour, which was really great at the point where my pain was so bad I was writhing around completely unable to get comfortable and begging someone to kill me.

Also they put me on an IV thing (how lovely for the super-squeamish pair of me & Richard) and I had an extremely bad reaction to one particular drug. I dunno what it was, but it was supposedly an antinausea med, right? Within a couple of minutes I was puking and puking and puking and even when I'd run out of stuff in my stomach to bring up I was still retching and bringing up salty saline stuff from the IV and snot and... Basically non-stop projectile vomiting for about 20 minutes, which felt like a lifetime. The really great thing was they wanted to give me more of the same drug as it obviously hadn't worked, and I just croaked out "NEVER GIVE ME THAT DRUG AGAIN". I hope they recorded what it was, because it really did make me sick. The nurse got so scared she ran away and another one came in to give me some other antinausea med, which did actually do what it was supposed to.

Now officially dead, and sick, bored and frustrated. I would quite like to be well enough to eat a meal more exciting than breakfast cereal, please - I might have brought this on myself by daring to have pears (several) with chocolate sauce (a little) and vegan ice cream (low-fat, and not much) last night. I also would quite like to be well enough to do the housework and putting of things on eBay I'm supposed to be doing this week, and feeling up to ringing round people to fix the boiler. I'm hoping the CORGI engineer who came last time isn't on holiday, because he was nice & competent.

Visitors & phone calls welcome - if I'm sleeping my mobile is turned off.

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