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I like Chessington (the park, not the place).

I'm feeling a bit less stressed than I have for a few days. Still worried about money, but I'm going to write some job application letters today and see how that goes.

On Tuesday, I went to Chessington World of Adventures with James. We both have season passes for the Madame Tussauds group, which means that we get unlimited free entry to various places, i.e.: the theme parks: Alton Towers, Chessington and Thorpe Park and the attractions: Madame Tussauds, the Planetarium, Rock Circus, the London Eye and Warwick Castle. All that for £70, which is really not bad considering that last year (when I had money), I spent £70 on Chessington alone! (Well, there's something to be said for a Place With Rollercoasters that's 25 minutes and 70p on the bus away!).

I hadn't been feeling too well in the morning, but after breakfast and hot chocolate I was ready to face the day. It was absolutely tipping it down when we left the flat, but by the time we arrived at Chessington it was merely cloudy. The weather was a good thing. Because it had been so rainy in the morning, the park was relatively empty - most people have a lot further to come than me :) So the queues for rides were the shortest I've ever seen them in some cases. The longest we queued for anything was 40 minutes for the Rattlesnake (a roller coaster) the first time - even the queue for the Samurai (which is Chessington's biggest ride) was only half an hour! We went on the Rattlesnake 4 times, Dragon Falls (a log flume ride) 3 times, Rameses Revenge (a ride that turns you upside down) once, the Pirate Ship once and the Samurai once. Also, the rides seemed better than usual - the Rattlesnake was much faster and smoother than it has been for a while, Dragon Falls seemed to have more water in it, and we definitely were spun round on the Samurai for twice as long as normal. So it was a very pleasing day. In addition to going on the rides, we had time to look at all the animals in the zoo part of Chessington, which I quite enjoyed - although I can't help feeling that zoos are fundamentally evil, the creatures seem to have a reasonable amount of room and don't seem to be too bored.

We left at about 7pm, half an hour before the park closed, because we were both tired and hungry. On the way out there was a stand giving out free samples of Angel Delight, which we happily took. Angel Delight tastes exactly the same as it did when I was a kid! I'm tempted to get some, though it is a pain to make up (it comes as a powder, and you have to mix it with milk, and then wait for it to set). We got the bus back and had dinner, then James went home and I fell asleep. All in all, a very good day.

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