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Am home now. Feeling very tired - strangely, you don't actually get much sleep in hospital. For the first 2 nights I was on IV antibiotics, which were supposed to be administered at 10pm exactly - except that didn't happen because of various random emergencies (afaik, none of them on the "someone is about to die" scale, more like what The Sims calls "accidents"). On both nights, the drip got put in around 11.30pm "for 20 minutes", but then didn't get taken out again until quite a lot past midnight. It was pointless trying to go to sleep when I knew I was going to get awakened in a painful way. Me being me, every time they attached or disattached an IV thing, I'd bleed. Only one particular nurse managed to do it without blood loss - I'm not sure what her technique was because I'm far too squeamish to watch, although I suppose it would've been useful to know what she did differently. To be honest, I'm fairly amazed I managed to survive having a needle stuck in my hand for days on end - it says a lot about how much pain I was in that I could.

The worst thing is that for some reason, the veins in my left arm are really buried - even phlebotomists (people whose job it is to take blood for blood tests & that's all they do) have difficulty locating them, whereas my right arm has a huge vein near the surface that's easy to get to. So, because of my need to get the needles away from me asa bloody p (pun not intended), I always tell them to use my right arm, because that takes 20 seconds compared to 5 minutes in my left. However, this means I get a useless bruised dominant arm - and I'm very right handed, about the only thing I do naturally with my left hand is hold my walking stick or hold the phone. Some things, like eating with my left hand alone, are just slow; other actions, like brushing my hair, I can't even work out the motions to co-ordinate. Ugh.

Having kept us up excessively late because of the need to administer drugs, THEN they decided to wake us up at 6am every day to give us some more. For some reason which I really don't understand, the NHS doesn't let you wake up at 6am, take tablets, roll over and go back to sleep - it is waking up for THE DAY, with noisy people coming in and clattering around and offering us hot drinks, and then ignoring you for a couple of hours until the doctors round at 8.30am. Some people more fortunate than I were able to be woken up, take their tablets and then go back to sleep despite the noise, but I'm one of these people that finds it almost impossible to go back to sleep after I've been woken up and severely prodded.

Losing ability to be coherent now, will write more later (tomorrow, prolly).

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