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totally had enough

Also, I am depressed and frustrated today. Got another letter from the hospital. Now, my initial appointment was September 22nd, which was tentative yay because I was told the surgery would be a week after the first appointment, and September 29th gives me plenty of time to be recovered before alt.polycon. The new appointment is October 6th, which'll make the surgery around 13th... if it doesn't get postponed again. Fuck.

There is an exciting new meal in my life in the form of vegan rice pudding, invented by bfo, but apart from that what I can eat is this. I'm not joking - if I try to branch out from this I get pain of a sort I don't really want to mess with, as that's what put me in hospital before.

On Monday I went into London to meet polyfrog because we were in the same part of the world for the first time in about 3 years. We didn't really do all that much, but I still had to sleep for 12 hours yesterday to recover from it. Was in enough pain courtesy of having eaten A LIGHTLY-FRIED VEGETABLE DISH with boiled rice to have to take painkillers, and that knocked me out for 15 hours.

I want to have my fucking life back, ok? I want to be well enough to do ordinary boring things like go out the house. I want to not be in pain, and to eat more than 10 types of food. And the longer this gets postponed, the more distressed I get.

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