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Sims 2 story, chapter 2.

The further adventures of Mitch & Max: Chapter 2: Strangetown nightmares. Their first few weeks as independent adults, and what happens when Mitch suggests he & Max should have a baby.

Warning: This story turned out a lot darker than I originally intended - I haven't written a horror story in some years, but this is getting close. Haven't decided whether this is the final draft or not - I could tweak it to be much more horrific. As it is, I was trying for PG-13, although I'm not really sure what falls into that category (I'm not even certain about the British equivalent 12A), and I'm not sure this story makes it even after I'd rewritten the bits that were shamelessly adult (like what exactly Max is covered in after the alien abduction). Parts of the story might be triggery for the recently bereaved, or women who've had a bad experience giving birth, or people who are childless-not-by-choice. (I mean, it might not be triggery at all, because a man giving birth after having been abducted by aliens is probably nothing like the actual real life experience no matter how bad it was, but I thought it was worth mentioning. To avoid the triggery bits, you could try viewing the story from gallery mode.)

Hopefully I've made it clear which parts of the story are "real" and which are "nightmare" - let me know if you think it needs a bit more work on that front. I've also addressed meirion's comment on the preview that it was confusing that Max had graduated in physics but was now working as a medical doctor. Sims only have 6 illnesses, so they don't actually need 6 years of training to get into the field ;) (A lot of Sims 2 story authors do add real-world illnesses to their stories, but they're not present in the game.)

Is it scary? Did you enjoy it? Are the characters of the guys balanced out? I deliberately centred this chapter on Max, because in Chapter 1 it was Mitch having all the angst. I didn't want to give the impression that Mitch is permanently fucked-up, insecure, neurotic & (over-)emotional while Max is cool, calm and collected all the time. Does that come across? I know Mitch bursts into tears near the end, but that's because Max is behaving very oddly from his perspective - he's not seeing the pictures in Max's mind to know why. (I expect Max tells him later, cuddling in bed after the story's finished).

Chapter 3 won't be done until after the next expansion pack, Nightlife, comes out, as I want the sims to go on some dates Downtown before getting married. But I can tell you now, it's going to feature Mitch becoming a TV star, and various fans of his accosting him in various locations. If you would like to have a cameo appearance as one of the fans, give me a link to where I can find a sim of you. If you don't have a sim already, I could attempt to make one, except I suck at making real-person sims (this is why I've been playing only with the default premade families!). Also tell me whether you want to be an adoring/cute fan or a deranged/psycho fan... ;)

My next Sims 2 story is probably going to feature 2 families I made in Pleasantview. It will be the story in which h-l convinces the world that she does have heterosexual sims, by writing a story about teenage lesbians ;)
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