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links of the last few days

Time for a roundup of links.

'Miracle mouse' can grow back lost limbs. Mammal regeneration. From rosefox.

Drowning girl is saved by a computer lifeguard. From yesterday's Times.

"No one can say they didn't see it coming". The warnings on New Orleans that got ignored by certain prominent politicians. 'nuff said. From kixie, and others.

Comments on New Orleans from lj:
Disjointed thoughts on the socio-economics of disaster by cmpriest. Linked to by various people.

Ask Not For Whom the Bell Tolls. It Tolls For "Occupant." by scott_lynch. Link from griffen.

Putting some numbers to it all by rmjwell.

katrinacane's Friends. Links to the journals of all livejournal using New Orleans residents who did not evacuate the city in advance of Hurricane Katrina. Lots of stuff mostly by interdictor, who seems to be quite honestly insane, but he's taking photos and doing interviews that are being picked up by CNN et al. Link from mactavish.

Comments from lj on other news items:
Thoughts about pornography by skibbley, well-known UK bi/poly/sm activist. This is the news. What we can do about it and why we might want to. Probably NSFW, but worth reading if you have any interest in porn or erotica and/or keeping the government out of your sex life.

Entertainment & Humour:
They're Not Dead Until They Stop Talking. Short story by katyha, published in Lenox Avenue, a speculative fiction/horror magazine.

What'll happen if Microsoft take over vi. Geek humour for the unix kids, possibly incomprehensible to others. From RA via epi_lj.

The Commandments of Coyote by cadhla. From boxofdelights, and others. Don't miss The Commandments of Raven and Seagull.

As always, there's way more link sausage over at j00j's journal, from news to funny & bizarre geeky stuff.
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