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lj indexing

Does anyone use Google to index their journal? I've been searching for several old posts today, and found Google universally useless. Like, for example, I'm sure I once made a post entitled "100 random things/facts about me", but can I find it? I guess it must've been friends-only, although I can't think why.

Amusingly, searching for keyword "random" on site:baratron.livejournal.com returns 5 pages of links. Keyword "me" returns a mere 8 pages of links - obviously, I am less narcissistic than I thought ;) Here is an old journal entry that made me laugh uproariously.

Anyway, yes, so: if you index your journal, how do you do it? Have you downloaded the whole thing to your computer & then search/grep it locally? Or using some other method?

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