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Moby & house accomplishment

Why did no one tell me how good Moby is?

I finally got round to listening to the albums I bought cheaply in Brussels, and... oh my god. I don't think I've ever heard a song for the first time and immediately put it on repeat.

While listening to new music, I:

  • completely vacuumed 2 rooms, including pulling out furniture to clean under it
  • put on & hung up one load of laundry
  • filled all the remaining holes in walls with Polyfilla
  • rubbed down the Polyfilla that has sat dried on the walls since *blush* about this time last year
  • made a lasagne & ginger cake
  • rubbed down the shelving unit o'doom
  • started the second coat on the shelving unit - it's taking forever because the stain, which claims to dry in 6 hours, actually takes over 24 to be touch-dry, let alone "properly" dry. Bloody Ikea.

Oh, and I just had a shower and washed my hair. Well, I needed to after all that manual labour ;)

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