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Truly awful writing!

There is a man called Pel Torro who writes truly awful books. I'm not sure what drugs he's taken or how he managed to get published, but somehow he did. He came up in conversation tonight on irc, and though I know someone's pointed me at his writing before, that was a while ago and I'd (thankfully) managed to put it out of my head. As punishment for the fact that someone made me read this, I've decided to share it with you.

The things were odd, weird, grotesque. There was something horribly uncustomary and unwonted about them. They were completely unfamiliar. Their appearance was outlandish and extraordinary. There was something quite phenomenal about them. They were supernormal; they were unparalleled; they were unexampled. The shape of the aliens was singular in every sense. They were curious, odd, queer, peculiar and fantastic, and yet when every adjective had been used on them, when every preternatural epithet had been applied to their aberrant and freakish appearance, when everything that could be said about such eccentric, exceptional, anomalous creatures had been said, they still remained indescribable in any concrete terms.

Erm, ye-es...

More about the worst book ever here.

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