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exploding head & flash floods

As lilairen says, He, she, it is nauseated.

Nausea, motion sickness that doesn't stop even hours after I stopped being on the bus, dizziness, high pitched buzzing noises in my ears, and strange waves of head throbbing sensation.

What is the most likely cause?
1) I have developed a violent allergy to Epsom.
2) The flash flooding all over SW London gave me seasickness.
3) Menstrual gnomes.
4) I forgot to take my Efexor this morning.

Your answers on a postcard please. Eurgh, and bleurgh.

The flash flooding was actually kinda amusing in a schadenfreude kind of way. The road under the railway bridge at the end of our road became a river a foot deep. I just used the pedestrian crossing to stop the traffic, and sauntered across the highest part of the road in my Docs. But lots of people didn't seem to have that much common sense. I'm still boggling at the people I saw walking through the middle of ankle-deep puddles, wearing silly summer shoes. Are people so unobservant they can't look ahead to navigate a path round the puddles, or look around to see that the other side of the road was much drier, or so lazy they can't be bothered to cross the road? It's not even as if it was difficult to cross the road - the traffic was basically at a standstill.

In Kingston town centre, such abundant panic was taking place I wondered if I'd accidentally crossed over to a parallel universe where It Doesn't Rain In London. Some of the shops had closed due to "flooding" (i.e. a bit of water on the floor). The roads were worse - Surbiton High Street was closed for hours, and from Norbiton to Tolworth there were abandoned cars all over the sides of the road (the RAC & AA were having a field day). It even affected the buses - at the depot where we sometimes stop to change drivers, one of the drivers said there hadn't been a 265 in over 2 hours. One road junction just outside Tolworth was so deep in muddy water that it sloshed in under the doors of the bus. Drivers who approached that junction were doing deranged things like driving over the pavements and stopping in the middle of the road in panic. People are so weird.
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