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out of food error, redo from start

Woah. I just started up semagic, and it told me that it's mhw's birthday tomorrow. How long has it been doing that?

I have lost Richard. He came in a few minutes ago to find that I was reading up about menorrhagia (a.k.a. heavy periods), and ran away in terror at the Icky Girlstuff. Perhaps I shouldn't mention that earlier today, I wrote a comment in praise of Lunapads.

Tomorrow, otterylexa, rowan_leigh & I are all going to fight our broken bodyclocks, and get up at The Crack Of Dawn to go look at otterses. This will be Fun, assuming it happens, but first I need to slave in the kitchen to make hummous, cake and breakfast. I can't actually buy any food out because everything (except a plain baguette or fruit) is too high in fat, so going out for the day means I have to prepare everything I might want to eat in advance. This would be ok if a) I wasn't already sleepy, and b) hadn't already run out of cake and hummous and breakfast food. Oh well.

(Last week's breakfast was potato scones made with mashed potato, flour and a little soy milk. This week's seems to be American-style pancakes made with flour and soy yogurt & served with maple syrup. I'm rather amazed how possible it is to fry food without putting any external fat in. Pancakes without any margarine or oil? Shouldn't be possible! But it is.)

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