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Some more photos for you to enjoy:
Another plushtrip: Dino Trip 3: Dino goes to Brighton

And live mammals: Photos from the New Forest Otter & Owl Park. Features badgers, foxy, deer, polecat, ferrets, pine marten, a harvest mouse, wallaby, lynx, and boars - plus Asian Short-clawed, Canadian and European otters. rowan_leigh likes the boars :)

Otter going in the water.
Otter going in the water.

I remain less good at photographing live animals because they have a tendency to move, but I took 200 photos & just posted the best ones :) You can click on the pictures in the gallery to get 1024 x 768 versions - if you want higher resolution copies of any of them, comment here & I'll email the 2272 x 1704 version to you. I also have more pictures of some of the animals if you can cope with motion blur and underexposure.
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