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I feel bad. Last night I had pain in several places: under my rib where my gall bladder is, all along the top of my abdomen where my large intestine is, in my back quite low down on either side, and really low down crampy pain that felt like period pain (except it wasn't). Was worried because the pain was all over the place, plus it was too bad for me to sleep even though I was taking paracetamol + dihydrocodeine + Tramadol every 4 hours. Eventually woke Richard & Alexa up at 6am to get them to take me to the hospital.

The hospital were having a rare attack of organisation - despite losing my notes, again, I actually saw a doctor within 15 minutes of arriving, and got given morphine + an antiemetic 15 minutes after that. Dozed off in a lovely haze while they did blood tests. As there was no sign of infection and my liver function test was normal, they let me go home. I've had a fairly pleasant, if spaced out, day.

Now the morphine is wearing off, and I'm starting to feel very very sick again :/ If it gets that bad again, I'll have to go back to the hospital and they'll want to keep me for a few days. Don't want it to get that bad, damnit.
Tags: my evil gall bladder

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