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more gall bladder woe

My entire abdomen is on fire. My gall bladder is a small nuclear device spreading radiation through my body, and my guts are full of acid that's burning in a different way.

Taking another dose of 100mg Tramadol at 4.30pm, and if it fails to help, going back to hospital again (yes, I was there last night as well as Saturday night) where they should admit me for a few days of delicious morphine therapy and hopefully bump me up the queue for gall bladder extraction.

This illness is totally exhausting me. I keep thinking I've reached the worst pain I've ever had, and then it gets worse. I don't exactly have a low pain threshold, either. I'm sick of being in pain and sick of moaning about it.

If I get admitted to hospital, will anyone who lives within reasonable range of Kingston please come and visit me? Last time I only saw my mum and Richard, and I was so bored it's just not true. Assuming they can get the pain under control, I'll be happy to see anyone that can come & talk to me for a bit.
Tags: my evil gall bladder

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