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this is me getting organised

If I get admitted to the hospital, I'll get Richard to post the ward name & phone number in this journal. To make sure I don't get 50,000 people all descending at the same time then no one the rest of the week, I'd suggest you talk to me or him if you're able to come up.

Don't bother bringing flowers (I hate cut flowers) or food (it's hurting me to drink water right now), but books would be appreciated, especially collections of short stories, which require less attention span than novels.

Kingston Hospital is just up the hill from Norbiton station. You come out of the front entrance of the station and turn right, and it's no more than 5 minutes away. Visiting hours in most of the wards are 3-8pm. There is some parking at the hospital, but it is apparently quite expensive (and charges run until 8pm), so if you can walk for 15 minutes uphill, it's better to park near our house (where there is Pay & Display until 6.30pm). Also we can get visitors' parking permits that run for 6 hours for £1 (although we're out of them at the moment).

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