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your money or your life?

I haven't updated my journal in ages. Oh sure, I've posted to it, but not really written anything particular personal. This has been for a specific reason: I'm so worried and stressed about my income situation that I haven't had the energy to record the trivialities of my life.

Last Friday (10th) I went to the Victoria & Albert Museum with Elise from alt.poly, who is a very cool person, and we saw the Chihuly exhibit, which was utterly amazing. I'm not a great fan of "art", and arguments about the artistic merit of various pieces really don't mean much to me. I like things which I personally find beautiful or which are relevant to my life in some way, and in terms of visual art, it's hard for other people to predict what I might like. However, Elise, perhaps because of her own abilities as a jewellery-maker, seems to be much more aware of what might appeal to me than I am myself. I find that quite amazing, because it's some sort of indirect communication that I could never learn.

Elise gave me some earrings and other beadwork to distribute amongst the UK polyfolk that I know. I passed on a few things at the Liquid Lounge that evening, but I still have a pair of earrings and a bracelet left. I think I know who the bracelet would suit, but I'm not sure about the earrings. I'll have to think about it some more, unless anyone wants to volunteer?

Then on Saturday (11th) Richard and I went down to the Brighton Pride festival. It was great fun. We went straight to the festival ground to watch the Pride march because there was no way I was up to walking it, and we got to see the procession as it arrived, which was great. Then we went into Brighton itself to get lunch and visit the SeaLife Centre, where we spent a while looking at the rays (the octopus wasn't there :( he's gone to another centre for a bit), then back up to Pride to look round the stalls and the funfair. I bumped into an old friend who I knew when I lived in Camberley and haven't spoken to properly in about 5 years, and got his most recent phone number. Slightly odd, but we'll see what comes out of that...

um... not too much excitement in the week. It was my mum's birthday on Wednesday, which meant that we all got lumbered doing Mother Birthday Celebrations, which would be all right if (a) my father wasn't involved and (b) she didn't get totally hyperactive. On Thursday I went to see A Tribute to Douglas Adams at the NFT, which was excellent -it was a whole load of snippets from ancient documentaries, and it was so so funny to see how highbrow and serious interviewers and the presenters of "arts programmes" were like 20 years ago.

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