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my head is on fire!

I am home. I am also ill. The hospital has managed to cure my acute gallbladderitis, but has given me a cold.

I was going to post such things as the list of interesting drugs I have been given in the last week (sorted by order of interestingness, of course), and some rants and advice about hospitals (some of which are to be typed up properly and sent as letters to various places), but my head is too hot for me to be coherent. For now, I will just thank meeping, gerwinium, alexmc, hatter and hiddenpaw for coming to see me - especially alexmc, because he brought me books (plural)!

Also hiddenpaw's dress sense cheered up everyone on the ward. This is not news - the boy has his own personal fashion sense but it's outstanding, & astounding.

I have discovered that Freezepop albums are excellent painkillers. The night I'd had paracetamol, hyoscine and pethedine and was still in pain, I listened to Freezepop on my minidisc player, and my pain level dropped by half. I think the pulsing beat of the music combined with the general perkiness of nine-tenths of the band's songs helped to quell the pulsing sensation going on in my gall bladder. This is Official, and they can use it in publicity if they want to.

I wonder if the world is spinning round because of the cold, or if it's opioid withdrawal ;) (Not actually serious, here.)

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