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serendipity and memeage

I am extremely amused. Two adjacent entries on my friends page start:
Tonight I experienced a rare thing. I was at a professional meeting and I found the person who had organised it disturbingly attractive...
It's kinda nice to hear from someone that they think you're attractive. Does wonders for the old self-esteem, there.

If it weren't for the fact that the two people concerned are in very different parts of the world...

btw, I'm not doing the standard "clicky to get 10 interests picked that you can write about" meme because the 10 interests it picked are: cephalopods, disability rights, gay, irc, London, not being normal, Pride flags, science fiction, Thorpe Park and wolves, and I think they are all blindingly obvious, but perhaps I'm wrong. So instead, I'd suggest that people look at my interests (150 is not enough!) and choose the ones you want to ask me about.

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