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not very with it

Today I am ill and distracted. Have this constant nagging feeling that there's something I'm supposed to be doing, but I can't think what - I've rung all my students to reschedule them, the laundry is done, the dishwasher is run, we put our recycling out last night... I have Pain, which is my excuse for having no brain. But it's not gall bladder pain (thank God), it is evil right hip pain. Apparently I spent a lot of last night running in my sleep, and I woke up with an agonised, stiff hip. Ow. I wish you could buy replacement body parts on eBay...

Richard is working "the asshole shift" this week - 4pm to 1.30am. Even then, he was still late for work today owing to still being in bed. Useless boy! I have a student coming over tonight, nothing planned for tomorrow, then should be working as usual on Wednesday & Thursday. Nothing planned for Friday evening (may have a student from 3-5pm). Deliberately not taking on anyone new for a few more weeks - barely managing this lot :/

There is an eight-legged beastie on my lap. It seems that when you tell the US Postal Service to track a parcel, they manage to keep it tracked right up to the point of delivery. I am impressed. He seems very well mended thanks to kshandra, and quite full of perk thanks to Burning Man. Hooray for Yowies!

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