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"and the house of cards came crashing down"

My f key is broken. It went "ping", and I think I saw something go flying out of it. But I can't find whatever it was, and the key is now permanently stuck down. I am typing fs thanks to Windows' cut & paste. Admittedly this keyboard cost about £2.50, and the laptop's own keyboard is fine, so it is not a horrendous situation. Just that, as with all broken keyboards, you never realise how much you use a letter until you can't. How philosophical.

Less depressed now. On Monday night, I posted at 1.30am about how miserable I was & no one loves me & waaah and two people promptly picked up the phone and called me. Just the fact that people remembered that you can call me anytime - if my mobile's on, I'm awake & vice versa - and thought to try calling was enough to make the whole delusional house of cards that I'd been constructing come crashing down. It's difficult to rationalise that everyone's sick of talking to you when you have clear evidence to the contrary. In depression, I forget how damn lucky I am to have the friends and partners that I do.

Talking of which, here is some NAKED GIRLFRIEND ART. That is art of the naked girlfriend, not by her, btw. Work-safe in as much as naked people are (i.e. if your work frowns on nakedness even in the arty sense, don't look while you're there) :)

I am excited by the plans that I have for the weekend. I hope they work out.
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