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moaning about gall bladders

I am not well. Still/again.

I've had an upset stomach since Wednesday - diarrhoea no matter what I eat. (You know it's pretty bad when you're eating bland white carbohydrates of the sort that would give a lot of people constipation, and yet you still have diarrhoea). It's got to the stage where it's debilitating - I can't eat very much because of the pain and diarrhoea, and what I do eat isn't getting absorbed properly, so I'm tired all the time and quite moody.

Last night was hideous - I had bad gall bladder pain; pain all round the top of my large intestine; a swollen, puffy belly like some women get near their period (except it isn't near mine); and then the diarrhoea on top. I went to bed and couldn't actually lie down because it hurt so much, and couldn't face adding painkillers into the mix. (I know that sounds stupid, but when your belly hurts so much that it hurts to drink water, the last thing you want to do is try to swallow a tablet and have that sitting there fizzing and dissolving plus the worry about trying to keep it down). Bleurgh. Finally got it to stop being evil about 3.30am, and I then slept until nearly 3pm today. My guts behaved well enough for me to go to the shops and buy some clothes, but now they are icky again. Gah.

I have, btw, lost quite a lot of volume and a significant amount of mass over the past few months, but I don't want to be congratulated on it. As ways to lose "weight" go, being so ill you can't eat properly for weeks at a time is not recommended. I definitely don't recommend the part where I couldn't eat at all for 4 days and was on a drip to keep hydrated. Anyone who sees this as a good thing needs a good slapping.

Tomorrow I have a hospital appointment to get the latex allergy test redone, as they still haven't found my results (or if they have, they haven't bothered telling me about them), then an appointment with the consultant on Thursday. After that, who knows? Presumably a date for the operation, although I think I still have an infection. Giving me the same antibiotic three times seems like a brilliant way to breed a nice colony of cefalexin-resistant bacteria. Meh.
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