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Its agenda is to promote a bisexual-centric way of thinking!

This rocks my socks: The Limoncelli Scale of Sexuality. Humour, but it makes some valid points (particularly wrt any scale where "0"=heterosexuality - I'm amazed I've never noticed the problem with that before).

Link from the lovely otterylexa.

In other news, I am waiting for the wuzzie to get back from the supermarket, so I can make moyashi soba with a modified version of the recipe in the Wagamama Cookbook. (Modified for fat content and to remove vegetables we don't care for). I am impatient to know whether it'll work, because I'm ravenous. Yesterday I made fatfree chips using the recipe on kake's site, and although the chips got burnt to hell in the grill owing to my lack-of-familiarity with our grill (I generally avoid grilling on the basis that combination grill-and-ovens are asking for trouble at the best of times, and our oven is fundamentally evil anyway) they were surprisingly edible when covered in a little salt, lots of black pepper and Heinz tomato ketchup. I now at least know what the timings for our microwave & grill "should" be, so achieving chips should be possible in the future. This is a Good Thing (not least of all because the Sainsbury's Be Good To Yourself "only 3% fat" oven chips made me extremely ill, and I'm sick of boiled potato).

All in all, it's been very weird having to almost-completely-remove fat from my diet. I figured that being vegan, I had a pretty low-fat diet already, but I've been horrified by how much fat is in almost anything preprepared. (I mean, yes - sausages, bacon, cheese - these things you know are high in fat, and it's unsurprising that the vegan alternatives are likewise. But oven-cooked burgers? Marinated tofu? Vegetable stews? Tofu should not contain 10% fat, even if it's been soaked in lard!).

The one good thing that'll come out of this illness is that I've learnt how to cook with virtually no fat, which'll be good for sustained healthy eating in the future. But it's annoying that I have no choice - right now, I can't even offset a high-fat food with salad or steamed vegetables at the same meal. Tossing a few nuts into my stir "fry" renders it inedible (the only concentrated protein sources I can eat are tofu and dehydrated soya protein chunks). Even if I have to do low-fat forever, I just want to get to the stage where I can eat some fat, so that I can eat out again. I like restaurants, and Richard & I have both missed eating out, but nowhere does food low enough in fat for me to be able to eat it.
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