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We did make it into London after all. Trains were running every half hour from Surbiton (normally they're 4 an hour from Kingston and 10 an hour from Surbiton), and we managed to catch one. On the way we called friends to make plans. Neither Richard or myself could motivate Tim to leave the house, so I thought we were going to have dinner on our own - then I remembered that Michael works not very far from Waterloo station. So I rang him up and said "Come for food with us!", and he did. Then we went to Namco, but as they were playing very loud "music" we didn't stay long, instead going round to Marcus and Cath's. They were watching "Brazil", which seems to be a very odd film indeed. Then Cath went to bed, and we watched an ancient episode of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". We've just got in, having had a reasonably pleasant night bus experience for once. Oh, it was full of drunk people, as all night buses always are, but they were mostly mildly tipsy and happy rather than shouting loudly and "redecorating" the bus.

Richard has arranged for us to go and visit his dad tomorrow. This was my idea - I thought maybe his dad might want some company. However, when we discussed this we decided that we'd probably leave around 11.30am to get there around 2pm. Somehow this has become _arriving_ at 11.30am, so in not many hours at all I need to be up again and on the train. It will be even more fun getting Richard out of bed, as I don't think he actually functions before about lunchtime. Oh well.

Richard has gone out to look at the stars, and I'm just finishing off online stuff from earlier. Then we're going to get some sleep.

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