helen-louise (baratron) wrote,

Cool Pride stuff from Hot Topic

I *heart* Hot Topic. Whenever I'm in the US, I end up going mad, buying a load of stuff, and then having to cut all the labels off and pretend that I always owned them so as to not pay a small fortune in import duty ;).

Anyway, at the moment they have tons of Pride stuff, and I thought I'd share.

Pride bathroom plaque t-shirt - for guys and sticker.
Recruiter - Looking For A Few Good Men t-shirt - for guys, natch ;).
Pride bathroom plaque t-shirt - for girls.
It's Not a Phase t-shirt - for girls.
single t-shirt - for girls.
Rainbow belt buckle (metal).
Rainbow studded wristband (leather).
Rainbow Chain Wallet (non-leather).
Rainbow bead necklace.
Freedom ring necklace.
Rainbow Recruiter postcard
Straight? So's Spaghetti Until You Heat It Up! postcard.

Must Not Buy Entire Stock Of Hot Topic... *fans self off*

I want this dress. However, large seems to be the biggest size, and I'm not sure if that'll fit me (I used to take an XL from Hot Topic). $64 plus import duty & VAT is a lot to spend if I'm not sure.

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