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Today I have been mostly held together by opioids.

I feel as though I should post some sort of update, but I have no idea what to say, because I'm not actually sure how I am. Yesterday's gallstone attack was Bad with a capital B. Sorry to make people panic - I was panicking myself, having basically collapsed in pain. I realised I was lying on the coffee table and it was hard, and I didn't really know what to do. Not very pleasant. Staggered to the bathroom, was very sick, lurched out of it long enough to wake up Richard with the words "Gallstones - eurgh", and threw up some more. After I finally finished throwing up, I took some Gaviscon to try to calm the insane internal acid attack, and semi-curled up on the bed as much as I could given that my entire torso seemed to be in agony. When it seemed that my stomach was vaguely settled, I took some Tramadol to try to deal with the pain - and even having taken that still lay awake for 2 hours rubbing my belly before it stopped hurting enough for me to sleep. Urgh.

Today I woke up feeling severely out of it, but I absolutely had to go to see one student because of deadlines. Took paracetamol & dihydrocodeine, and dozed on the bus for an hour. It almost worked - at least, by the time Epsom had finished having a power cut, my brain was vaguely on-line. Came home, made dinner, watched a Pokemon movie & ate the dinner, took more painkillers, made cake & ate it. I was feeling okay, but my gut is starting to do its thing again, so I honestly don't know what's going to happen. It might settle down with antacid and Tramadol, or I might have another night worshipping the gods Ralph and Hughie. Gah.

Sorry to keep going on about my evil gall bladder. Believe me, I am far more sick of it than you are.
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