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dirty girl and eBay moan

I feel horrible today. You know that feeling when you get up late and don't have time to shower before you go to work? Well, today I didn't even have time to clean my teeth before I had to throw my clothes on and get out the door. Eurgh. Plus my hair is lank and greasy because I have a period. Just feel grubby and disgusting all over. I need to have a long, hot bath and wash my hair - but first, I need the house to warm up.

I am annoyed with someone on eBay. There was an auction for some rare video game merchandise that I bid on. With 12 hours left until the auction end, I put in a bid, sure that someone else would out-bid me. Except no one did, so I ended up winning it. Wouldn't be so bad, except I had entered a maximum bid that was quite a bit over the maximum I really wanted to pay. All that is my problem and completely irrelevant to the seller - what I'll actually do is keep the bits I want and sell on the rest. But the seller is arousing my suspicions. He has reasonable feedback (97.7% positive) but a few comments suggest that he isn't actually 100% above board - he does things like claim he's going to send out parcels "the same day" he receives payment by PayPal, but actually it's more like a week later. Fairly minor infringements, if they are true. However, for some reason, I can't pay this guy through PayPal the usual way - if you click through eBay Checkout it says "This seller is not able to receive money". After this happened a few days running (implying that it was more than just a temporary eBay/PayPal glitch), I emailed him. He replied, saying "You need to send the payment to dodgyemailaddress @hotmail, and I'll send your item when I receive confirmation that payment has been received". I was a bit... sceptical, but sent the payment anyway. That was a week ago. The account he told me to use is not set up for PayPal, and the payment is still sitting there unclaimed, making me more uneasy as time goes on. Am I feeling extra-resentful because I didn't really want to win the auction? I dunno. Just wish he'd either claim the damn payment and send me the items, or return the payment and not send me the items. It's this inbetween state of not knowing that I don't like.

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