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Deoxys Download - DO NOT FORGET!

People. I need to be at North Finchley VUE cinema on Saturday 22nd October to download Deoxys (the Pokemon). DO NOT LET ME FORGET!

In the event that I am incapacitated, somebody close to me needs to take my FireRed & LeafGreen cartridges from their "hiding place" (I'm joking, they're on the shelf with all my other GBA & DS games), stick them in my GBA, and follow these instructions, then take them to the cinema where there will be a "Downloading Bay", or some such. There is no excuse!

Also, I will presumably be in north London with a Travelcard, so this could be convenient to meet up with people, if I'm well enough.

Do not mention alt.polycon! Please! It's painful thinking about it!
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